Since 2014, Vettery has been revolutionizing the way people hire and get hired. Of course, things looked a little different in the early days. We were only a few people in a room, with big ideas and a “move fast and break things” kind of attitude. Today, we’re a few hundred people (in a much larger room), on a strategic mission to bring accountability and transparency to the world of recruiting. And we’re proud to say that, to date, we’ve made thousands of matches between job-seekers and employers, thanks to the power of our online hiring marketplace.

To celebrate the evolution of our brand, our product, and our mission, we’ve refreshed our brand identity—the way we look and the way we speak—to reflect the work we’re doing today.

Vettery’s creative team considered contemporary and approachable design systems, went through multiple rounds of revision, and pored over a lot of experimental designs printed and hung on the walls. Soup to nuts, the whole process took about six months—and there’s still work to do!

In serving a two-sided marketplace of job-seekers and employers, the goal was to create a celebratory but versatile look and feel. Taking inspiration from notes jotted on a resume and the structured process of product development, research, and editing inherent to our industry, we’re excited to launch our brand refresh.

Structured design elements like highlights and lines are combined and applied to particular words, shifting the tone of the work along a spectrum of celebratory to formal, depending on the audience.

You can see it all coming together in our marketing efforts, digital ads, and at all the conferences and events we attend. Here’s how things are looking:

So what’s next? We’ve got big plans for the website—and we can’t wait to keep you posted about our ongoing work.