Here at Vettery, we are committed to spreading economic opportunity and to giving everyone a fair chance at a meaningful career. This mission is ever-present in our initiatives to support programs that promote professional career development for young adults.

With the shift to remote work, Vettery employees have found ways to virtually connect with organizations such as Year Up and Dress for Success. Most Vettery recently participated with an NYC-run program called Summer Youth Employment Program, where we hosted local students to work on "workplace challenges" designed to give them insight into working with marketing and product teams and provide hands-on experience in the tech industry.

We had two groups of students aged 16-24 from the Summer Youth Employment program. Each group participated in a three-week workplace challenge where they worked alongside members of Vettery’s marketing and product teams. During the end of the program, the students presented to Vettery employees on various teams to go over their final presentations and findings from their workplace challenges.

One SYEP group worked on a product workplace challenge, which specifically focused on learning how to define the vision and scope of a product or product feature. They learned about our business and about a specific area of the product that we'd like to reimagine and spent the three-weeks creating materials for us to solicit feedback from our user base to help us hone the vision for that feature.

The second group focused on a marketing workplace challenge. The students had the objective of researching influencer marketing and found influencers that Vettery could utilize to drive new candidate sign-ups. By the end of the three-week program, the marketing students presented a proposal with potential influencers with sample content of social copy and images of what the influencers should publish to promote Vettery and drive registrations.

Adam Eckstein, Senior Manager, Marketplace Operations at Vettery, who helped facilitate the workplace challenges, commented on his experience with SYEP, "The students who engaged with us were extremely impressive - they were curious, thoughtful and eager to learn from us, which was really refreshing and definitely made the work we put in worthwhile."

Although Vettery was not able to invite the SYEP students into our office, we feel grateful for the opportunity to work with students virtually. We're excited to continue our partnerships and invest more resources to rally around the cause of creating opportunities for youth in our communities.

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