We virtually sat down with Lara-Ann, Customer Success Manager at Vettery, to learn more about her role and the CSM team at Vettery. Lara-Ann has been at Vettery for over two years, where she first started as an SDR and was promoted into the CSM role. As a CSM, she works mostly with small to medium-sized companies, ranging from startups to 1500+ employees. Read on to learn more about Lara-Ann and how she acts as an extension to internal recruiting teams as a Vettery CSM.

What are your daily responsibilities as a CSM?

I am responsible for making sure the client gets as much out of Vettery as possible. This starts with an introductory call, so I can learn more about what the client is looking for and adapt my workflow to each individual. I help set up new role searches, help filter candidates who look like a strong fit, and speak with those candidates who get to the final stages with my clients. Once a week, I also send a list of all active processes to my clients to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. To ensure I am up-to-date on everything that is going on, I also have many recurring calls on my calendar. That way, I can help my clients to fill the pipeline with new candidates as soon as a new role comes up and am also able to answer any questions that have come up.

What’s the best part about being a CSM at Vettery?

The best part about being a CSM is being able to impact a company’s success on the platform and connecting with so many different people regularly. I speak with recruiters, hiring managers, CTOs, and even CEOs, depending on the size of the company, which has allowed me to learn so much about the industry and each company.

What I enjoy the most is building a strong and lasting relationship throughout the duration of our partnership with clients. Since I meet with my active clients often over a long period of time, we build a personal relationship and not just a business one.

"We build a personal relationship and not just a business one."

How often do you connect with clients?

This depends on the client, but I usually have a recurring call with my clients at least once a month. Many I talk to on a bi-weekly basis and some also on a weekly basis. Besides the call, we are always in communication via email, so I might be in touch with some on an almost daily basis.

What’s a recent success story you can share?

One of my clients, who I started working with not too long ago, had been looking to fill a Fullstack/Backend role for a while. Since they are still a smaller company, they want to make sure that every hire is a great fit for the team technically, culturally, and also someone who is excited about the industry.  We set up a search together and connected on a regular basis to find someone who’d be a great fit. Because of that, they were able to find their next “rockstar” and someone who fit in technically as well as culturally. The candidate absolutely loved them and told us that this is his dream job, especially because the people and the environment were exactly what he was looking for. The client was very excited too, but being able to help both sides and finding the perfect match is very rewarding.

How has our new GA partnership helped our clients?

The General Assembly partnership has allowed us to include entry-level candidates onto the platform, which we usually don’t do. Moving forward, this will be very beneficial for our clients if they decide to add someone more junior to their team and diversify their talent pipeline.

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