Vettery Roundtable

From Side Project to Full Stack

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There’s no singular origin story for those who code. While some developers start meddling with new languages in high school or college, Bethanne Zink didn’t begin until years later. A political scienc[...] Read More


What to consider before making your first tech hire

  For Employers

In the world of startups, where founders, doers, and thinkers often leverage borrowed resources or work crazy hours in order to realize a dream, it’s easy to feel like you’re going at it alone. But bu[...] Read More


How to Use an Interview to Learn if the Company is a Good Fit for You

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What if everywhere we saw the word ‘interview’, we replaced it with ‘conversation’? After all, an interview doesn’t have to be where one person asks all of the questions and the other answers. Rather,[...] Read More