In this unpredictable time, it’s important that job seekers are asking more and new questions when interviewing for a new position. Every company has been impacted by COVID-19 in some way so it’s wise to consider factors like long term stability and strategy of the company and how those ultimately align with your own career goals. Here are just a few ways to dig into those topics when you’re in the interview process:


  • How has COVID impacted your business?
  • What is the health of the business? Will you need another round of funding (if startup)?


  • How has your company pivoted during the pandemic?
  • Do you have a return to work plan? What does that look like? How do you plan to keep your employees safe and productive?
  • Do you expect to return to the office or stay remote indefinitely?
  • How do you keep your employees engaged remotely?


  • How are you adapting your culture to the remote environment? What events have you facilitated?
  • What tools and software are teams using to effectively communicate remotely?
  • Has transitioning to remote work changed your company culture at all? If so, how?