At Vettery, we’re in the business of a lot of things beyond hiring—transparency, accountability, and automation come to mind when assessing our everyday goals. And while it’s easy to think that automation is an entirely technical aspiration, Vettery is home to a number of incredible people behind the proverbial curtain. From engineers and data scientists to account managers and creatives, Vettery’s people-power is unparalleled.


Meet Gabby Kalika—she’s a Vettery Account Manager partnering with growing companies on the West Coast and NYC. With a rich background in full-desk agency recruitment, a love of the outdoors, a dog, and a cat who thinks he’s a dog, Gabby’s passion for her work is matched only by her effervescent attitude in life. We sat down with her to learn a bit more about her day-to-day at Vettery HQ.

9AM: The internal morning meeting

Mornings are for sharing stories, connecting as a team, and brainstorming big ideas—nobody is precious about keeping their “trade secrets” to themselves, as it’s truly a group effort on the sales team. “The most exciting part is discussing the various challenges we face, and coming up with creative solutions to overcome them and to continue helping our clients find success,” says Gabby. No two mornings are exactly alike, as team members chat wins, losses, and strategic ways to help their clients achieve their hiring goals. There’s often a few dogs around as well—they usually don’t work too hard!

10AM: Pastries and egg scrambles with a newly signed partner

“We really like to understand how a client qualifies success, so that we can work towards that definition,” says Gabby. And plus, who doesn’t like breakfast? The main goal of this kickoff is to understand a partner’s hiring goals so that Gabby can provide the kind of service that uniquely fits their needs. (The secondary goal is to eat delicious food.)“We like to get to know our clients both as individuals and as professionals so that we can foster and cultivate meaningful relationships,” says Gabby. “I always want to make sure they're seeing success on their own terms, but ideally with our help and guidance.”

11AM: Follow ups, emails, and calls galore

“I usually like to grab an iced coffee from the deli before I dig in,” laughs Gabby. “It’s actually one of my favorite parts of the job. I love solving problems and puzzles, so if there’s a bridge that needs gapping or problem that needs solving, this is my time to get into the nitty-gritty details and make sure everything is moving as smoothly as possible.”

12PM: Partner lunch to celebrate a renewal!

There are few Vettery celebrations that don’t include food, if we’re being honest. “Recently, a partner of ours made three hires in our sales vertical alone, which was a great success,” Gabby says. “We have a strong relationship with their Director of Talent and the recruiters, which made the renewal a no-brainer.” Asked about their 2019 hiring forecasts, Gabby knows their goals remain high. “We worked with them to ensure a free pilot to our Tel Aviv tech vertical when we launch in Israel, so we’re really excited for continued success in the New Year,” she says.

1:30-3PM: Diving into filters and pipelines

“Since working with Vettery, I've found a few alternative ways that help our clients narrow in on ideal candidates that transcend the obvious filter options,” Gabby says. Vettery is built for intuitive and precise searches, but as we grow our matching capabilities and continue to add more features, both end-users and our internal teams continue to learn and build on best practices.“Ideally, I help my clients set up the broadest, yet most targeted searches to allow them both volume and accuracy” says Gabby. Like anything, it's difficult (and unwise) to fit people into boxes. “I work to understand where employers have flexibility in their requirements, and what their candidates absolutely must have so that everyone is always optimizing their search methods.”

3PM: New user demo!

What better way to learn more about Vettery then to take it for a test drive? All demos are tailored to each hiring manager’s goals and hiring plans, and Gabby tends to focus on the not-so-obvious tips and tricks. “For example, our clients love that our keyword search allows exclusionary filtering, so they can keep a broad search without having to sift through profiles that definitely won't fit their needs,” Gabby says. Other common questions typically have to do with message templates, workflow optimization, and collaborative tools within the marketplace.


4PM: Quarterly business review

QBRs are where Gabby and her partners consider what’s been working, where Vettery has room for improvement, and how everyone can construct a game plan to hit—and exceed—short- and long-term goals. Gabby prefers to meet in person, as it’s always nice to catch up and build relationships offline, but she recognizes calendars are busy. “Usually, these meetings are often quite celebratory,” says Gabby.

After working closely with her partners, there’s total synergy when it comes to leaping over milestones as they move forward. “The longer we work together, the more intuitive it is for us to build plans to crush those quarterly and yearly goals.”

5PM: Catching up and winding down

Gabby ends her day by doing what she does best—leveraging her background in recruiting to ensure candidates and partners are having the best possible success on Vettery. On occasion, she’ll jump into late-stage interviews to seal the deal. “Recently, a candidate turned down an opportunity because they understandably couldn’t commit to a four-hour round trip commute,” Gabby says. “I hopped in to see if I could find a solution, and landed on an agreement that allowed for a few remote work days. The candidate happily accepted!”

Gabby relishes the opportunity to don her recruiting hat every so often, as it’s working with people that really makes her tick. “We're focused on creating marriages between our candidates and partners, so we'll do whatever we can to promote transparency throughout the process while building relationships that are strong and healthy,” she says.