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Looking for a new role can be a time consuming, frustrating, and stressful process. Vettery cuts through the clutter and streamlines your job search by collecting preferences and skills upfront then matching you with vetted partner companies that meet your criteria. Built on transparency and the basics of supply and demand, Vettery stands out among a sea of traditional recruiting agencies, job boards, and networking sites. We leverage our machine learning algorithms and the human touch of our designated candidate experience team to help you find a job you love.

What is the Vettery marketplace?

We’re a hiring marketplace, which essentially means we connect job-seekers to vetted companies. However, think of Vettery as a reverse job board - instead of applying to multiple positions and getting ghosted, sit back and have the opportunities come to you. Just put in your preferences and then companies will reach out with an interview request.

How do I create a profile?

job-seeker profile - job preferences

Setting up a profile on Vettery is quick and easy. When you sign up, you'll be asked to add your preferences, i.e., desired salary, location, role, seniority, etc. to ensure that you receive interview requests tailored to your criteria. Read our blog post on how to maximize your candidate profile to learn more tips on how to make your profile stand apart from the competition.

Is there a cost?

There is never a cost for job-seekers to be on Vettery.

Will my employer see me?

We do not share your profile with your current or past employers

To ensure a discreet job search, our system automatically hides candidate profiles from all current and past employers -- this way, your company won't know you're exploring new opportunities. And, unlike a LinkedIn profile, your Vettery profile is never visible to fellow job-seekers.

What happens next?

Once you submit your application, we'll carefully review your profile to ensure that Vettery holds job opportunities that are right for you. If accepted, you'll be paired with a member of the Candidate Experience team to serve as a guide and sounding-board throughout your time on Vettery.

What is a Candidate Experience Specialist?

Good question! Candidate experience specialists are part of a dedicated team to support job- seekers throughout their search on Vettery. They provide tips for optimizing your Vettery profile, reminders for unanswered messages from employers, and insight and support in late stage interview processes.

Receive interview requests directly to your inbox.

Computer receiving interview requests directly to your inbox

After you’re accepted on Vettery, recruiters and hiring managers (who have also been vetted and approved) can view your profile and send interview requests if your background and preferences are a match for their open roles. Interview requests typically include details about the role and the company and can even include comp information upfront. You will be notified via email and or text when you receive an interview request. From there, you should login to the platform to review it and accept or decline based on your interest level. Make sure to respond within 3 days, otherwise, the interview request will expire. Your candidate experience representative will also be checking in to see if you have any questions.

Find a job you love

Whether you're actively looking for a new role or simply exploring opportunities, Vettery is the best way to find a job you love. We're passionate believers that finding a new job should be a transparent and exciting process.