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High fives, white-boards decorated with ideas and occasionally a cute pup or, two, at its core, Vettery is a growing office filled with people from different backgrounds who’ve come together to make the recruiting process better. We’re passionate believers that recruiting should be transparent, accessible and celebratory.

So what have we created? An innovative platform where employers can connect directly with top, pre-vetted talent. Already utilized by over 5,000 employers, Vettery is quickly becoming a go-to method for top companies looking to improve their hiring process.

How does Vettery Work?

We’ve laid the groundwork for you. Our online marketplace aims to eliminate the stress and frustration of recruiting. We’ve found the best candidates in the tech, finance, and sales industries and vetted each one to ensure they have quality skills and experience. Here’s how it works:


1. Log In and Search:

Log onto the platform and search candidates by skill, location, experience, etc. We’ve already recruited and vetted these candidates, accepting only the top 5% of people who apply to be on the platform.

Our innovative technology enables companies to break through the noise and make meaningful matches with candidates. Over 60% of interview requests sent on the platform are accepted! Our friends at Casper have a 70% acceptance rate using Vettery and have been able to grow their team quickly.

2. Receive Updates on Top Candidates:

Each week, we send an e-mail highlighting the top fresh talent on the platform that might fit your specific hiring needs.

3. Request Interviews:

Once you find a candidate that you’re interested in, request an interview with them right from the Vettery platform. Candidates are required to accept or deny the request within two days to help keep the process efficient and to ensure transparency.

4. Interview and Hire Incredible Talent:

When a candidate accepts your interview request, you’ll likely start with an phone interview and then progress through the stages of your interview process. Your designated Vettery Account Manager is there to help support you with whatever you need through the process by providing interview tips, insight and serving as a bridge between you and the candidate.

Why use Vettery?

Featuring hundreds of vetted new job seekers each week and an ability to hire in 30 days or less, we offer employers the best way to cost-effectively scale a team with quality hires. Simply put, Vettery is:

Efficient. Easy to use. Cost-effective

And the best part is that as a hiring manager, technical recruiter or even founder of a company, you can be hands on or hands off with Vettery. We like to give you the support you need without limiting the autonomy of your search. Our team recommends candidates that might fit your search and helps gather information on the candidate throughout the interview process. We’re here to support, not hinder.

Think about it this way, with Vettery, you can build a sustainable talent pipeline, source top candidates, reduce your time to hire and still operate on your own term.

Want to see how it works first hand? Let us walk you through the platform.