The average person spends 30% of their life working. For us, the subtext couldn’t be clearer: build a career you believe in.

Vettery is for dreamers and doers—for people who define their careers instead of allowing dull careers to define them. No more eyeing that promotion, settling for subpar salaries, or dreading your commute. Our job is finding you a job that checks all the right boxes.

Built on transparency and the basics of supply and demand, Vettery stands out among a sea of traditional recruiting agencies and job boards. As an online hiring marketplace powered by machine learning, we’re fundamentally changing the way people get hired: cutting through the clutter, streamlining your job search, and empowering thousands of individuals to make bold career moves. On your Vettery profile, you can list your desired role, seniority, location, salary, and company size.

Then, if an employer has an opportunity that matches your criteria, they’ll apply to you. In flipping the traditional hiring model, we’re eliminating endless cover letters and waving goodbye to waiting games. (Because while some of the best things in life are worth waiting for, a confirmation of receipt from HR isn’t one of them.)

Once live on Vettery, you’ll be partnered with a member of the Candidate Experience team who’s here to help every step of the way: from optimizing your profile and providing insider interview tips to negotiating offers. Over 15,000 inspiring companies use Vettery to make hires—so whether you want to show ownership at a Series A startup or rise through the ranks at a Fortune 500 firm, odds are we have an opportunity for you. Is making the first move more your style? Visit our Discover tab to express interest in companies that catch your eye. If the feeling is mutual, employers will send an interview request directly to your inbox—and accepting or declining is only a click away.

Every morning, Steve Jobs asked himself the following question: "If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?" Life is too short to settle for a lackluster career. Here’s to moving—onward, upward, and in the right direction. Let’s make Mondays (and every day) cause for celebration.