After experiencing a great deal of economic turmoil earlier this year, recruiters and hiring managers are finding themselves in a position where they can finally start hiring again. Only now, many are challenged with doing so on a limited budget.

Even in an ideal economic climate, hiring the right person on a budget has never been an easy task, especially when you consider the time and financial commitment it takes to source quality candidates and schedule interviews. It’s no wonder that as business rebounds, we’re seeing an unsurpassed number of companies looking for ways they can reduce their hiring spend as they rebuild their teams.

As hiring picks back up, a well-managed HR technology stack will be the solution to driving significant time savings over time. That’s why we put together this report, where you’ll learn how technology and automation can enable you to build a high-quality candidate database, streamline the interview process, and optimize the resources you already have, so you can hire more for less.