Interviewing can be overwhelming, especially when you’re just getting back on the job market. Even if the opportunity doesn’t work out, asking for feedback can be a great way to show employers that you are teachable and have a high level of awareness. Not to mention, you’ll also be able to implement this feedback into future interview processes. At Vettery, we understand the importance of feedback, so that’s why we’ve put together some tips on how to ask for feedback after a job interview.

How to ask for feedback after a job interview checklist
  • The first step in asking for feedback is sending an email thanking the hiring manager or recruiter for letting you know their decision
  • Next, express your appreciation for the opportunity to go through the company’s interview process
  • Then, you can send something like, “If possible, I'd love to know if there any areas of feedback that the team could provide? This way, I can focus on improving my candidacy for the future.
  • Follow this question by asking if there were specific experiences or skills that you were missing
  • Finally, thank them for taking the time to send you their feedback

Receiving feedback isn’t always easy, but it’s important to be receptive and listen rather than get defensive. Make sure to ask and not demand the feedback. Sometimes it’s against company policy for recruiters to provide specific feedback.

Remember, regardless of whether or not the outcome of the interview was positive or negative -- it’s important for you to ask for feedback. Don’t get discouraged if it’s not the answer you hoped for -- channel that feedback to land that next great opportunity.