Meet Vettery candidate Chelsie-Jean Fernandez, who utilized the Vettery platform to navigate finding a new job during the unprecedented times of COVID-19. Chelsie-Jean went from a candidate on the Vettery platform to Head of Product at ThankView. Read on for her experience of how Vettery helped Chelsie-Jean find a job she loves.

How did you first hear about Vettery as a platform?

I was lucky enough to discover Vettery when searching Google for job search platforms specializing in product and technology roles. I felt like I had exhausted all of the other job platforms I had an account with, so I wanted to try something new. I was most interested in Vettery for the fact that companies could pitch candidates who were passively looking for new opportunities. The platform didn’t require me to be heads down, searching for a new opportunity 24/7. It was the responsibility of the employer to proactively reach out to me.

How did you utilize Vettery to get your next role?

I posted my resume, tagged my profile with my skills, industry expertise, and ideal salary range, and then let the Vettery platform do the work! After setting up my profile, I would log in around once every two to three weeks to see a list of suggested positions and companies unique to me based on my skill set. I was able to easily express interest or remove them from my list if uninterested. If I expressed interest, it would automatically flag the company.

Companies were able to reach out to me directly to set up an interview if they took an interest in my profile. Using Vettery was a two-way street, which I found to be much better than other platforms in which the candidate submits an application only to not receive a response.

How long were you a candidate on the Vettery platform?

I was approved to go live on Vettery in December 2019, but had only begun using it regularly in May 2020 once COVID-19 hit.

How was your experience on the Vettery platform?

When I found myself out of a job due to COVID-19, I went straight to my Vettery profile to update and reactivate it. I knew that based on my preferences, the Vettery platform could quickly match me to roles that were of interest and required my specific skill set. I soon received multiple emails notifying me that I had interview requests. With ThankView (the company I was placed at!), I clicked through and was pleasantly surprised to see a spirited email introducing the position and their enthusiasm for office culture. I was hooked!

The process after accepting any interview on Vettery was similar to that of any platform in which I progressed to first-round phone interviews or remote video screens during COVID-19. The major and more superior difference of Vettery came between interviews, where a member of their candidate experience team reached out to me to ensure consistent progression and that no question went unanswered. I thought of the candidate experience team as an advocate of both myself and the company that I was interviewing for -- I never felt like I was alone in my search.

How did Vettery use your preferences to find interviews that matched what you were looking for in your next role?

I noticed that all suggested roles displayed hiring managers searches, matched to the skills I listed on my profile. I also noticed that anything listed took into account my preferences for experience level, so that I wasn’t shown a junior-level position when searching for director-level or higher. This made all the difference when reviewing the job suggestions, as I knew my time wasn’t being wasted. The ease of clicking to show interest without refilling the same application information time and time again also helped to save time.

How was your experience with your candidate experience specialist?

I was assigned to Meagan Wangsong, Candidate Experience Team Lead, to support me in my job search. She was persistent in her email outreach regarding checking in with both myself and the company for any status updates. I never felt like there was a lack of communication or that time would go by without an update, as I normally find with other platforms or through recruiter processes. She even made herself available for quick phone calls to prepare for company-specific processes and to help answer any questions I had along the way.

Have you heard of before Vettery?

I had not heard of ThankView before Vettery, so I am grateful for the introduction. Come to think of it; I should really send a ThankView to show my appreciation!

How was your Vettery application/interview process different from other times you’ve looked for a job?

The application and interview processes via Vettery were much more transparent than other platforms. For example, in my experience, companies have hid their budget for salaries until I have already dedicated a lot of time in the interview process, but this is not the case with Vettery. Before accepting an interview, candidates can see the compensation range to ensure financial fit before proceeding with the possibly lengthy interview and take-home-test process that many companies require. You can accept or decline as many interview invitations as you’d like.

In addition, having the digital profile to reference during negotiations helps to ensure alignment for both parties. It’s often the case that candidates are interviewing with multiple companies at once, and it’s easy to forget what was said to one company versus another.

Would you recommend other job-seekers to use Vettery to find their next role?

I’ve referred a few of my close friends to Vettery and recommend the platform to anyone searching for a job that wants free direct access to top hiring managers with less noise.