Vettery Roundtable

Does Belief affect Sales?

  For Candidates

It’s often said that in order to achieve great things, you must believe in yourself first. The idea of belief is ingrained in our culture, appearing in kids stories like the little engine that could a[...] Read More


How the First Call Affects the Last Call: Compass’ secret to Closing

  For Employers Insights

When Nolan Greenberg, the Director of Recruiting at Compass, first joined the small real-estate start-up three years ago, he was the sole internal recruiter tasked with setting up a system to scale. T[...] Read More


Looking for Growth: a Shift in the Job Search

It’s not often that you meet someone with a background in technology, psychology and HR, but when you do, make sure to take them to coffee and ask a lot of questions. Mikka Geller, is one of these rar[...] Read More