The Awkward Orange Sofa Series: An Interview with Alex & Mike Faherty, Co-Founders of Faherty


Vettery’s Clark Winter sat down with Alex & Mike Faherty, co-founders of Faherty, to discuss turning a life long dream into a family company by bringing the unique skills of twin brothers together to create a special clothing brand.


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Based in New York, Faherty is a lifestyle brand dedicated to creating premium products for life’s great moments at the beach and all those times when you wish you were there.

What was version one (season one) of your product like? And compared to your latest season?

Our first season was solely men's and women's swim made from our signature recycled polyester material. Three years later, we have a full ready-to-wear collection. For men we offer indigo and cotton knits, outdoor pieces, sweaters, canvas jeans, chinos, flip-flops, and a wide variety of woven shirting. For women, our collection includes tomboy flannels, silk shirts and dresses, embroidered shorts, cozy sweaters, and ethnic jackets.

Have any tips you would give to someone who wanted to work for your company?

The people we hire all have five of the same characteristics: (1) super ambitious, (2) a can-do positive attitude, (3) a self starter, (4) extremely passionate, and (5) extremely kind and a team player.

The last is likely the most important. We're a tight knit team, so bringing people onboard is like hiring a family member.

If you weren't at your current company, which other startup would you love to work at? Why?

Honestly, we couldn't possible imagine being at a place other than here. It's been our dream to create this company since we were kids.

Describe your perfect day?

Get up early, surf, eat a homemade omelet with cold brew, head to the office and work for a few hours to touch base with the team, and end the day with a rum punch and a big family dinner.

Given your shred travels far and wide, what is your favorite surf spot you have visited?

To this day, we love surfing at our home down in Spring Lake, NJ. The waves are good, the water stays warm till November, and there's never a crowd.

What's your favorite social media handle/account to follow?

Oh man, we're constantly inspired by so many. Anything that showcases good waves, cool cabins, and vintage trucks.

If you could combine two existing, but unrelated startups to make something totally ridiculous, what would they be?

It would be awesome if there was a Airbnb type app that you could look at an inventory of surfboards in a specific area (when you're traveling) and be able to rent and then have something like Lyft be able to drop the boards off at the beach for you. 

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